What Do the Different Animals Represent?
ArmadilloSlow, sure, in no hurry; keeper of the house
BadgerIndependent, may be sought out for healing based upon knowledge of herbs
BatGuardian of the night, cleaner
BearStrength, introspection, spiritual journey, healing
BeaverPower of working and attaining a sense of achievement, builder
BuffaloEndurance to overcome, great emotional courage, provider to all
ButterflyThe art of transformation, the ability to know or to change the mind
CoyoteThe master trickster, laughter, humor, foolishness
Corn MaidenHonored for nurturing her people with the flesh of her body
CrowThe keeper of sacred law
DeerThe power of gentleness
DogLoyalty, noble, a true and loyal friend
DolphinTrust, loyalty, spirit of friendship
DuckSpirits of those who have passed on
EagleCreator, teacher, loyalty, integrity, spiritual connection to the great divine
ElkTeaches that pacing yourself will increase your stamina
FishPurifier, character, ability to hide emotions
FoxCamouflage, ability to melt into one’s surrounding and be unnoticed
FrogBringer of rain and abundance, fertility
HawkMessenger of the gods; to observe the obvious in everything you do
Horned LizardSelf-reliance, longevity, protects ancestral bounty
HorseSwiftness, strength, enlightenment, possesses healing powers
HummingbirdMessenger, stopper of time
LizardConversation, agility
LynxThe knower of secrets, clairvoyant ability
MoleProtector of growing crops and underworld
MooseHeadstrong, unstoppable, longevity
Mountain LionPower of leadership, ability to lead without insisting others follow
MouseScrutiny, paying attention to detail
OtterLaughter, curiosity, mischievous
OwlCan see what others can’t, essence of true wisdom, deception
ParrotSymbolic to the sun
PheasantConfidence, attraction, flamboyance
PorcupineThe power of faith and trust
QuailSacred spirit, ceremonial, holy
RabbitVirtue, serenity, low curiosity, quiet talent, restrained passion; the special guardian of women during childbirth
RaccoonBandit, shy, resourceful
RamSense of self worth, assures an increase in flocks
RavenMagic, the messenger of the great mystery, a change in consciousness
SealFamily oriented, possesses power in numbers
SheepCharity, elegance, passion
SkunkVery conspicuous, intense
SnakePower of creation, of transmutation, life, death and rebirth
SpiderCreative patterns of life
SquirrelNatural intelligence, saver, protects reserves
TurkeySmart, elusive, festive
TurtleOldest symbol of Mother Earth, longevity, the art of grounding
WolfTeacher, pathfinder, sharing of knowledge, never-ending journey

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