Catherine Robles-Shaw  

Catherine Robles-Shaw -- "As a Santera,(Saint Maker) I hope to preserve some of the unique traditions of my Hispanic culture. Retablos are the story tellers of my ancestors. They are the natural extension of the beauty and simplicity of our Spanish lives. My husband, Michael, and I aspire to represent our work with as much historic accuracy as possible. My art process uses the same materials that were used in the 18th and 19th centuries and each piece is one of a kind. My first exposure to this art came when, as a child, I visited the churches in the San Luis Valley where my family was among the first settlers. After visiting these old churches, as an adult, I came to realize the meaning of the little retablos that had been in our family. In 1991 I began making retablos for my family and friends. I have been an artist in the Spanish Colonial Arts Society since 1995."

You can find more of her art in the Santero Art section.

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